Finding Balance


Today I performed a reading for a dear friend who just received the job offer of a lifetime. It would allow her to flex her considerable creative muscle and give her the opportunity to contribute her skills to the betterment of her community. Now all she had to do was navigate finding childcare! As any parents know, this is no small feat. Childcare costs are astronomical and finding quality care is challenging no matter one’s location or income.

So. What was a brainy, driven, Capricorn mama to do? We asked the cards, and the cards had a clear message – BALANCE. We pulled a Celtic Cross spread and clear as day in the position that shows you exactly what your highest and best self is bringing to the table to help manifest your vision – was the JUSTICE card. Now, in a Tarot reading context is everything. EVERYTHING. Each card has myriad significations that must be woven into the overall meaning of the spread, and in her case, this card meant that she must draw from within an innate ability to find balance, to act on behalf of that which is fair and just, and to do in a clear, eyed thoughtful way. As we talked through the reading we discussed the ways she could find that balance, because, as she said, she knew the job “was hers” as soon as she interviewed for it. She just had to find a way to make it work. Our reading showed us that that she must clearly communicate her needs (Justice is air energy, cerebral, and communicative) and find the balance that would allow her to activate the highest vision for her life. Justice also tells us that larger forces are in play – something I feel is very much the case in this scenario.

The most important thing to remember when pulling this or any other card, I believe, is to remember that we are all the primary movers, we are the actors and the cars SHOW US what to use from within our own innate toolkit to bring about our vision, to find solutions, to gain clarity. In my friend’s case, I have absolute faith that she will use her inner sense of fair play, intellect, and clear-headedness to bring about the balance needed to thrive.

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