Rivertown Tarot Offerings

A queen on her throne achieves true and lasting happiness

At Rivertown Tarot we believe that Tarot changes lives. I can’t wait to see what the cards have in store for you. Blessed be!

All offerings are available online and in person*. Payment is required 24 hours in advance via venmo or Paypal. Click here to request any of the readings listed below.

The Big Picture

During this one-hour reading we will pull back the veil and take a deep look at the full, nuanced picture of your life. Using Tarot we identify blocks and challenges, opportunities and blessings, paving the way for you to flourish and step into your best life. Perfect for semi-regular check-ins with spirit and gaining clarity during times of transition. Makes an amazing birthday gift to yourself or another! Sliding scale starting at $77. Click here to book

The Nitty Gritty

This 30 minute reading is designed to zoom in on one specific area of your life. Romance, business, new ventures, feeling “stuck” are perfect points of exploration for this reading. Bring your journal and prepare to walk away feeling empowered, focused, and clear-eyed. Sliding scale starting at $44. Click here to book

Single Card Pay-What-You-Can*

This offering is available via email only. Expect a short and sweet message from spirit designed to provide clarity and put a pep in your step. Click here to book

Annelise at Rivertown Tarot has done a couple readings for me and they have always been crazy accurate. The readings helped to soothe any anxiety or uncertainty and made me feel confident that something unknown was in the works. In my most recent reading she did, she saw that I was in a dead-end place in my job and needed to sit down and really consider my path and what I want I want. Annelise told me she felt compelled to share that she kept hearing “banking”. That same morning, I went to a coworker in confidence about how I was feeling. Later in the day, she pulled me into her office and told me she knows of a job that sounds perfect for me. It’s a job doing what I did in my prior role, a role I loved, at a BANK. She then came into my office an hour after showing me that job, with an article about how this bank has been rated one of the top places to work in our area. Talk about the signs being all over the place in just 7 hours of my day! Annelise is magic


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