Annelise at Rivertown Tarot has done a couple readings for me and they have always been crazy accurate. The readings helped to soothe any anxiety or uncertainty and made me feel confident that something unknown was in the works. In my most recent reading she did, she saw that I was in a dead-end place in my job and needed to sit down and really consider my path and what I want I want. Annelise told me she felt compelled to share that she kept hearing “banking”. That same morning, I went to a coworker in confidence about how I was feeling. Later in the day, she pulled me into her office and told me she knows of a job that sounds perfect for me. It’s a job doing what I did in my prior role, a role I loved, at a BANK. She then came into my office an hour after showing me that job, with an article about how this bank has been rated one of the top places to work in our area. Talk about the signs being all over the place in just 7 hours of my day! Annelise is magic!

A. D.

I had an amazing reading with @rivertowntarot that cleared up so much for me. We saw my home, plants, and animals in the cards and how much growth I receive for my hearth.

M. G.

First-time tarot reading – AMAZING! This was my first time having my crds read and I was kind of nervous. Annelise was so warm and supportive that my feelings of fear melted away immediately. She was able to explain my reading a clear and profound way. The reading helped me reflect on my thoughts and feelings and Annelise’s gift of insight helped to guide me through the enlightening experience.

A. M.

I feel so seen after this reading! Hadn’t even gotten dressed yet for the day (at 2 pm) because of the cold-weather dreariness I’ve been feeling in my heart…but it’s time to SHAKE IT OFF and get ready to receive some gifts from the universe. Bring on the sun and lightness and rejuvenated creativity. Annelise, your real talk and abundant knowledge is truly everything – thank you!

S. T.

Sooooo wonderfu1! I appreciate the thoroughness and how you brought your personality to the interpretation. So important in tarot reading allowing the message to unfold beyond the textbook definitions and you did that beautifully. It takes courage to honor the gift of sight, to step into that role and share this gift. Mad Blessings to you as this journey unfolds for you!

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