I’m here to help you live your best life, using the sacred art of Tarot. It’s so much more than fortune telling. It’s about unleashing your own power and unique magick. The cards tell a story. Which wild, magnificent tale is yours?

Rivertown Tarot is above all else, a safe space for your heart and soul. We are anti-racist and LGBTQIA-affirming.

My Offerings Include:

The Big Picture: During this one-hour reading we will pull back the veil and take a deep look at the full, nuanced picture of your life. Using Tarot we identify blocks and challenges, opportunities and blessings, paving the way for you to flourish and step into your best life. Perfect for semi-regular check-ins with spirit and gaining clarity during times of transition. Makes an amazing birthday gift to yourself or another! Sliding scale starting at $77. Click here to book

The Nitty Gritty: This powerful 30 minute reading is designed to zoom in on one specific area of your life. Romance, business, new ventures, feeling “stuck” are perfect points of exploration for this reading. Bring your journal and prepare to walk away feeling empowered, focused, and clear-eyed. Sliding scale starting at $44. Click here to book.

Single Card Reading – Pay What You Can: This offering is available via email only. Expect a short and sweet message from spirit designed to provide clarity and put a pep in your step. Click here to book