Musings of a Tarot Reader, Alternately Heeding and Running From the Call of Spirit

Throughout my life, spirit has spoken to me, shouted at me, shown up in a blue dress, walked through walls, and sauntered through my dreams like a back door lover. And like those dark loves we can’t quite bring ourselves to quit, spirit’s kept her hold on me all my life – even as I ran like hell and tried to bury it deep beneath an ego so thick and hard it nearly broke me.

The truth is I’m very good at hiding. I learned it a young age, when I was sent to a private school where the great-grandchildren of steel magnates and railroad tycoons – old New England money- saw in my bad teeth, thrift store clothes, and wild ways something they could not abide. So began my long apprenticeship in turning away from myself. In the midst of all this, spirit began moving through my blood line and calling my name, just as she had to my to my mother and grandmother, a woman whose story merits more than passing mention.

My grandmother, a bright-eyed Pisces with an iron will and an endless heart, spent most of her professional life running a large hospital as head-nurse. Throughout the course of her career, she regularly dreamed which patients would come into the hospital along with the maladies that would bring them to her door. Her prophetic dreams were were so common that other nurses would often start their shifts by asking her what she dreamed the night before. Yet she never considered her gifts anything of note. Like all families from the old world, mine was rich with stories of lessons learned through glimpses across the veil. I doubt she considered herself special in any way.

Mine are an arctic people. Deep within my genetic memory are echoes of a clan leader leading us north beyond reason. Beyond where life was easy, simple, safe. My grandfather came from an island archipelago 90 miles north of the Arctic Circle. My childhood was magical – full of wild tales and ancient myths told on quiet afternoons while he smoked his pipe and contemplated his long life. Among my favorites is the legend of The Coffin-Maker.

As the tale goes, my grandfather had an ancestor, perhaps an uncle or a grandfather, who was the village coffin-maker. Coffins in their village were always made exactly to measure, and ready long before the departed’s soul left this earth…

*Stay tuned, more to come*

Aries Sun, Moon, Venus, or Rising? This is for you!

Offers have been made, Judgement is upon us and a time of solitidude and inner light beckons.

Hello and Happy Equinox to all my friends with their sun, moon, rising, or venus in the sign of Aries. This reading is for you! Today marks the vernal equinox, day numero uno of the astrological calendar, and the start of Aries season. As an Aries ascendant myself, I am so excited to welcome this time of year and ACTIVATE all of the POTENTIAL it holds. 

For this reading, I asked that the cards, directed by any and all loving guides, show my Aries tribe what they can call upon, what to be wary of/avoid, and what they can expect in order to bring about the best and highest possible outcomes in the coming season (spring) for they and their loved ones.

Let me begin by explaining the layout of the reading. At the very top, you will see the Emperor, literally presiding or reining over the reading. This card is associated with the sign of Aries (hello, throne with rams horns for armrests) and places those with that energy in the reading. In tarot spreads, this is known as the “significator” and does not have bearing on the meaning of the reading beyond placing the querent in the reading. 

At the center of the cross, we see the querent (that’s you, my Aries babes) as they are in this moment – represented by the Judgement card. Directly to the left of center, representing what you’re leaving behind in the winter season is the Four of Cups. Directly below center, representing what you should avoid or be wary of is the Knight of Pentacles. Directly above center, representing energy or insight you can call upon, Seven of Cups. Directly to the right of center, representing what the spring holds for you is The Hermit. 

My first impressions for this reading indicate that over the past 3 months, you were presented with a choice and found yourself weighing your options and either accepting or refusing an offer. As you stand now, the fallout from that choice is upon you – and you find yourself in a place of renewal, possibly on a spiritual level. 

In order to bring about the best possible outcome for you and all concerned you are being cautioned to be aware of, and avoid the energy represented by the Knight of Pentacles – in this case, given the overall context of the reading it appears you are being advised against stagnation in the service of another, and and an over-emphasis on material gain. The knight may also bear a message, it pertains to material matters, and is perhaps another offer you should refuse.

It might be initially confusing to see the 7 of Cups in a position that shows us what to draw upon in order to bring about the highest possible outcomes for spring. 7 of Cups is all about delusions of wealth and grandeur, positioned so it serves as a gentle reminder that all that glitters is not gold. This is something you already know all too well. You are being advised to keep that wisdom close to your heart, and be wary of things that seem too good to be true.

Moving into spring, you can trust that your inner light and wisdom, will guide you where you need to go. The Hermit is a card that promises solitude, so you may be spending some quality time with yourself. Not to be confused with mere loneliness, The Hermit symbolizes sacred solitude – so utilize this time alone wisely. Know that you possess within yourself all the wisdom and light you need to achieve your goals and  attract the situations that serve you. You may be embarking on a solo project, having rejected or seen through offers that were too good to be true. You may be spending time alone after leaving a business or romantic partnership that ultimately did not serve your highest good.  The Hermit promises illumination, notice he holds a lantern facing you! You will figure all of this out, my Aries darlings. Look within, and trust your inner sight and intuition.

I can’t wait to see what the spring holds, and would love to hear what you’re manifesting this season! I recommend getting outside, facing the sun, closing your eyes for a few minutes (or however long you have) and letting the radiance of the new season wash over you.

Sending love, light, and blessings your way.


Balance and Justice: March 13, 2019


Today I performed a reading for a dear friend who just received the job offer of a lifetime. It would allow her to flex her considerable creative muscle and give her the opportunity to contribute her skills to the betterment of her community. Now all she had to do was navigate finding childcare! As any parents know, this is no small feat. Childcare costs are astronomical and finding quality care is challenging no matter one’s location or income.

So, I did what any good friend and tarot reader would do, an pulled a celtic cross spread to help shed some light on her situation – asking specifically what she could draw upon to help guide her in this process.

Clear as a bell in the position of the “highest self” was the Justice card. An incredibly powerful indication that she deserves her vision and must communicate (Justice is air energy, cerebral and communicative) her needs clearly and calmly in order to find the BALANCE she needs to pursue her purpose.

As with all cards – context is essential to reading, add to that a dash of intuition and creativity and you will find that each time you pull a card, the meaning takes on a slightly different hue. The essential nature of the card remains, but the light shining on it alters in meaning in the context at hand.

What does Justice mean to you? Have you pulled this card recently in any readings? I’d love to hear from you!